GIS side hustle projects are a great way to generate extra income as well as learn more than what your daytime job offers as a challenge. Generally such projects lie with the passion or interest of an individual unless there drive to earn money is greater. So how do you earn that extra coin while maintaining high productivity within your normal working hours?

Once you factor in sleeping hours and an 8 am to 5 pm schedule you are left with so little time to pursue GIS programming, data science, image analysis, academic writing or even blogging. That means you have to implement a few tactics to avoid overworking yourself. Below are 4 ways to balance between your full-time job with your GIS side projects.

Prioritize your work

You must have the big picture in mind if you want to be effective with your both ‘jobs’. What do you need done? What do you want to achieve? (Do you notice need comes before want?). Whether it is a to-do list, time-table or just a normal list, you must know what is relevant to do at any particular time. It is very easy to get lost in the busyness and fail to deliver that web map application that your boss needs by the end of the week. A side project is no good if it distracts you from your full-time job. Plan your Monday morning side gig activities on Sunday night.

Know your Schedule

You do not have to know how spend every second of your day, but a rough idea of how you spend your early morning, evening and night would do you good. Socializing, working out, shopping, entertainment and other uncountable things will fight for your time the moment you leave your office. Before you bid for that GIS project, you must understand how long it will take you as well as the amount of time you can put in. Start by waking up earlier and you will be surprised an hour and 8 minutes each morning gives you a full working day after only one week.

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Partner with others

This sounds rather awkward, but you can easily complete GIS projects with the help of other professionals. Do not spend 3 mornings or nights of your week designing images for your geo-website if you can outsource and have done in one hour. Do not be afraid to take up projects that require additional skills since you can form a team and learn management skills as well.

Use your Full-time job skills

The best thing with labor is that it can’t be separated from the laborer. Make use of the skills you learn at your workplace to improve your side hustle. If you’re your daytime job is marketing, use the same skills to market your GIS side project. From conferences to training facilitated by full-time job, use whatever you learn at work to better your side projects.

Commitment, realistic goals and proper time management will earn you extra money while you achieve your full-time job objectives. Do not quit on your passion or interest!

Bonface Thaa
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Bonface Thaa is Python developer and a GIS software consultant who graduated from Dedan Kimathi University of Technology with a Bachelor of Science degree in Geomatic Engineering. He is passionate about GIS technologies and has expertise in designing and developing custom GIS solutions using Python as well as popular mapping JavaScript Libraries. Bonface likes to read and write articles from time to time. He is also passionate about attending and participating in seminars, GIS hackathons and conferences.
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