QGIS misbehaves with csv, txt occasionally!

Nicholas Duggan in his article in XYHT magazine describes an epiphany that can only be described as the “devil in the detail” of his experience while attempting to do what most of us would naturally do, the least place you’d want to look. I’m sure you’ve once or twice found it easy to just drag that .shp or any other file into QGIS Map Canvas and went on with your work like usual. Well, maybe you’ll have to think twice about that shortcut next time you have a .csv or .txt file to open in QGIS; this is what will happen to you. Read through Duggans article on his experience with this…just to give you a heads up Duggan was demonstrating to QGIS new users then things didn’t go so well. Content Link http://www.xyht.com/spatial-itgis/problem-qgis-csv-files/

Nicholas Duggan writes on GIs in the XYHT magazine and has very interesting content if you are a GISer. Some of his content directly addresses some of the issues we go through everyday as professional.

An example of the other content I’d like to bring to your attention is the #geotroll. I have personally gotten this and I’m sure you’ve have too once in a while trolled someone or gotten trolled for your choice of tool. Whilst, it inappropriate and unprofessional, we do it all the time.


Some of the comments as Duggan puts them are:

  • Software X (or other commercial software) is expensive. You should move to open source—it’s cheaper

  • SOFTWARE X is rubbish. You can do X with that!

  • You can’t develop X because it’s closed. My version “What new can you develop in X”

We do this all the time and Duggan says “So, you can see where I’m going. Fair enough, we are professionals and we get passionate about what we do, but remember, there are new users and confused people out there who need advice as they’re watching these scathing remarks. Don’t be a #geotroll.”

I totally concur.

Re-blogged from XYHT‘s article originally done by Nicholas Duggan (Chartered Gepgrapher). For full story access the original article from here Always Get Independent Advice & Avoid the #geotroll 

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