Factors to consider when starting a GIS company

This is 2017. Happy New Year all. In this year, people have different goals and objectives that they have resorted to after reflecting on their 2016. Some have ambitions to make it big in the career, other have great expectations for businesses and others plan on how to get their own firms or companies to run their own GIS projects. All these are great plans for 2017. In planning to start your own GIS company, there are factors that guide your way down the private business adventure. These are the factors highlighted  in this post.


Networks in business are  vital as they form the basis of what you will be working on in your private company. Networking is an essential skill for anyone venturing into the business world. You’ll have to resort to new ways of establishing networks in 2017 to ensure your idea/business has a good backing before hitting the ground. Your company must have a project to ensure its sustainability and continuity over time. These projects come from different sources, of which, originate from your networks. Generate referrals, connections and advance your profile out there and then your can hit the ground with your company. Remember, its not what you know, but, who you know that will help your business grow.


Your company will be dealing with a specific line of products or services. This is your specialty as an organization. Having the right team to carry out various tasks in your organization is key and very helpful. As usual, you cannot be a jerk of all trades. If you really understand the dynamics in  Geospatial projects, you are probably aware that you cannot pull all the stunts in your company projects. Have a dream team in mind and organize one for your company. Really? Yes, your team maybe from your friends, guys from your current organization who can work as consultants in your firm or even have other firms support you in your company projects. You know your company better, so  plan it yourself.


One of the reasons for starting your own company is because you want to build a product or provide services to clients. This therefore calls for a good business plan or work flow to achieve your targets. As highlighted above, your firm specializes in certain services or products that your clients expect. Your ideas must be put in-line with the objectives of the organization to ensure a successful business.The good thing with having a good idea is that, you can find alternatives in the market to help achieve the idea to your benefits. Remember, you can have a good network, good team but if the idea is not well planned, you will be wasting your time.

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Your products or services will be tailored towards a certain market. The market will determine how your services or products will be structured to fit them. That market niche should always be safeguarded. The brands for your products will give feedback on how to better them next time you do a release. For example,, If your company will be dealing with Web Mapping services or development of APIs, your targets must be well analyzed since you know there exist so many APIs in the market. Evaluate the  “wow” in you products.


You probably wondering why I have put this at number five. Capital is essential is a business. However, this should not be a hindrance to your starting a company.  Unless you are dealing with capital intensive businesses, your idea should get you started. Alternatives to help you deal with capital problems should be factored in. e.g. Getting Loans from loan-lending firms or family, working with friends to cut hiring costs, renting offices out of the expensive town centers e.t.c. The best approach to understand the “capital” aspect of your business, evaluate your firm keenly and factor in all the elements that you think will grow your business.

Laws,Rules and Regulations of the Land

Establishing rules and regulations in your company is key and should be in line with the laws, rules and regulations of the land. This is to avoid liability in cases where you could have prevented if the workplace was compliant with the laws of the land. The compliance to these laws and regulation boost organization credibility to clients, safeguard partnerships, boost workers morale as their rights are well recognized and many more. There are many advantages to this. For examples: Flying of drones for imagery purposes is restricted in some places/sections. Anyone willing to acquire imagery in these areas must have a license or certificate from a governing authority. As the protocols are clear, its safe as an organization to ensure you abide by the laws and regulations of your operating locality.

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