You do not have to wait untill you are lost to learn the most important or unique features Google maps has to offer. There  are a multitude of features that Google maps provides yet few individuals strive to know what is at their disposal. The hacks explained in this article will give you the confidence of a charging bull even when you don’t know where you are. If you have never used Google maps to know the shortest route to your destination or accurately plan for a journey then you are reading the right article. Below find the ‘mapsaver’ tips:

Off-line maps

This feature makes it very easy to save maps for use when you do not have an Internet connection. First, navigate to the area that you want to save on your mobile device and type ‘Okay Maps’ in the search bar. Your area of interest will now be highlighted and you can save it by choosing download, once the map is saved you can access it even without connecting to the Internet.

Indoor maps

Google maps doesn’t only help you get to your destination, but also allows you to view floor plans of popular buildings and save you the hustle finding the reception area or the elevator. Once you have a destination in mind, you simply zoom to the building or facility and the maps application will overlay floor plans on the map. How else can it get easier? If you want to switch between floors you can use the bar on the left side of the map. This feature is only available to one African country (South Africa).

Events maps

There are applications and websites that readily provide information about events, but you will have to tap your screen a couple of times before you know what event is upcoming in your home town compared to the 2-step process on Google maps. Search for your venue of interest, select the description tab and that’s it! Extra information such as reviews and tickets info can come in handy while making your decision.

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Time travel maps

The enormous amount of data collected by Google is composed of many images from the past. This has allowed the map provider to offer its users the power to view how a street looked like in the past. This means you can change the time frame and observe how a street has changed over the last couple of years. Simply click the stopwatch appearing at the top left corner to be able to time travel. Unfortunately, this feature is not available for all locations.

Custom maps

Google gives you the power to create your own map (My Maps) and add information that you find relevant. The process is simple and you can add points with information as well as route directions. The best part of this map feature is the fact that you can share your map with friends.

Local guide

If you are adventurous and have a good understanding of your local area, local guide should be your favorite feature on Google maps. The feature allows people to add information about a site. Providing more insightful information about an area earns you points and the more points you earn the better you are positioned to access exclusive Google services and products.

Since its advent in 2005 Google maps has continued to impress its users with new features that revolutionize how we view the world. Do not be left out!

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