How to find GIS jobs or Projects

Everyone is searching for a good GIS jobs out there in the market today. You might have sent a job application letter, a resume, met managers for jobs ,asked relatives for jobs, tried out startups e.t.c . The truth of the matter, and a painful one, is that we will not all fit into the formal jobs basket. Oops, yeah! But this doesn’t mean you halt your job search. Keep on, you never know, you might get it tomorrow.

There are many ways of killing a rat, a phrase often used to signify the many possibilities into doing something, applies everywhere across the board. If you don’t land into that formal job, what’s next? movies all day?visiting friends?going back to the country side? think of an alternative?. I don’t know. You tell me. This post focuses more on the latter in the sense that, we have to think like there is no box. There exist so many ways of finding GIS jobs or even projects out there, but only if you are ready to look for the opportunities.


Think of it, straight from college with a GIS degree, looking for a job. The company you wished to work for confirms they’re not recruiting at the time. But, they offer you an internship position where more or less, you’re just like an employee but with no pay(You might get work allowances though). Internships are great ways of gaining skills related to your field or even more. Now that you are just like an employee, you don’t have limits for projects, training and many more good offers. Within months, you learn a lot. At your job area, your supervisor recommends you for good work and within months you have a job in your favourite company. The transition period for internship to full time employee is not set. It depends with the company structure or business model. I remember being on attachment while in college and a friend whom we joined the institution with on the same day(He was on internship) got hired barely two months after joining.  Most companies want to try you before trusting you on a job in their institution.

Volunteer/Community Work

This is another way in which one can get a job easily. In your estate or village, there might be a community group that helps out in cleaning services in the area. These groups are comprised of youths with different talents and careers. The tasks are scheduled on different days in which one can always attend the most convenient one. Helping out on these activities is one way to interact with the community and know their biggest problem in the area. If you get the problem, how can you utilize your Geospatial knowledge to make your community a better place for the residents. From security, health, clean water, environment and many more. A good example is the Young volunteers for environment in Kenya where one can always innovate and device ways to make a locality the best place to be. In this way, you will have a job to undertake.


In 2016, I had about ten guys who landed their jobs by attending these modes of gatherings in different places. The innovative ideas you have, the projects you have done, probably your final year project in college are useful to some people whom you’ve not yet met.  It’s through such events you get to meet the who is who in the industry, potential business partners, mentors and potential buyers. Taking a step and booking the next presentation in town might be the difference between the unemployed and employed you. Take that step now.

Online freelance jobs

Imagine consulting for a company in a remote location at the comfort of your house or office. Sounds cool,Right? YEAH!. Today the Internet is a must have for many youths and thus working on-line  can be a choice. There is  a lot of work being advertised on-line, some of which require your skills. Getting to Upwork, Freelancer, Toptal and creating your account is all you need. You start getting streams of GIS jobs that you can execute and get yourself paid. It’s obvious, you will be required to know stuff before you get a good pay and enjoy life. The first time I met a guy who uses this way of earning money for GIS jobs, was so interesting that I recommended someone who took the challenge and today, all is well with him.

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Social Media/Sites

This is big. Using LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Quora, Reddit, Google+ ? I guess all. There are other cool platforms that simply do the same work. The advantages of social media is that you don’t really know your friend(at most instances). Having thousands of followers or friends of which only 5% are friends you really know and well, thats social media. The remaining 95% are potential buyers, users, partners, employers or even life-time friends to be. The posts you publish on your networks can be your selling points. My first job to develop an web mapping application came from a friend on Facebook who later led me to a number of other clients. This was big for me and cool at the time. Platforms like LinkedIn notify you when people check your profile and later you find a message on you inbox. This is just so cool. Unleash your potential through social media.


Wow, my favourite! Starting a blog of your own work, experiences and help to other people can be so rewarding. One thing, you show confidence in your work and you will get followers who love your work. From your followers, your get referrals for jobs, projects and so on. This is mostly the trend for developers and marketing teams. It’s a way of saying, Hey people, this is what I do, this is what I have done and can simply help out if you have a project or a job. Building a successful blog might take you some time but when it finally matures, you reap the benefits. When I started my blog , I was basically writing anything that came to my mind or things that I encountered during my work. The blog has helped many people out there and am glad I have made an impact out there. Now that everyone wants to learn about GIS, take the opportunity to offer help in this sector.


Now you know of some alternatives to use when you want that job. These are just but a few and most used ways to find GIS jobs. Remember, its all about you. The decision is yours.

Leave a comment on the ways that might have worked for you and you will have helped someone somewhere!!


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