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Mara Mapping Party

February 14, 2017 Geosymp 0

The Mara Mapping Party was hosted by Upande LTD in Nairobi in collaboration with ITC in the Netherlands,  UNESCO-IHE and Wageningen University and Research. The Read more…

Mapping developer ngine

6 amazing alternative Mapping Developer Engine/Kernels to ArcGIS Engine/Developer Toolkit

February 14, 2017 Steve Ochieng 3

This is a list of very mature and powerful developer engines/kernels that will forever change your GIS development capabilities and productivity and most importantly budget. Call them toolkits, kernels,SDKs or APIs, they all deliver the key capability to harness spatial data in your application as a developer. The key aspect that set them apart are platfroms supported whether it works on Windows/Linux, Android/iOS, Desktop/Web), the development language/platform (Delphi/.Net/Java/C++/Python/Qt/Javascript), Design Patterns, Data formats/sources supported, 3D/2D support, support for open data standards (a big deal btw), interoperability among just a few subsurface differences. Read more…

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