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Zunguka is a Web/Mobile App developed for turn by turn navigation of large campuses such as Universities and Hospitals, it delivers directions while you take a tour around the institutions, listing the various building and their purposes, components, sizes and history. More like offering a drilldown of the building details.

Who’s the designer

Zunguka was the JKUAT Tech Expo ’16 Winner developed by a team of JKUAT students: Charity Mbaka (Front end), Erick Otenyo (Back end), Paul Todopong (Developer) under the Startup Axis Spatial Solutions. Axis Spatial specializes in outdoor and indoor mapping and navigation systems.

What does Zunguka App offer?

Are you new in a University campus?–Zunguka is for you, find lecture halls, dormitories, libraries, labs, offices etc and drilldown more information about them. For example, you needed to find a particular lecturer, the system would highlight their office building, their contact address (if they consent) and it draws the quickest route from where you are to their office


Walking into a hospital complex? – to find particular ward, or doctors office, their contacts, satellite clinics Zunguka is you digital assistant according to the Axis team.

Visiting a shopping mall? –With shopping malls mushrooming all over the place, navigation is  going to be a necessity. Zunguka will be you partner in locating facilities within the malls. Say there’s a sale at a little known shoe store sitting within 100s of stalls. The system would save the time spent searching in frustration. This plays similarly for factories/industrial parks.

Zunguka is highly useful for such purposes, and is a powerful spatial orientation tool for new students and workers, hikers. Its also good for continual use by members of the various institutions.

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This is amazing stuff that we at Geosymp will definitely be keeping you updated on every new update released by the team.

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