Spatial Manager releases a version that supports AutoCAD 2018

A new version of Spatial Manager, 3.3.2, was released and is compatible with AutoCAD 2018 and other Autodesk 2018 products. This is good news for the AutoCAD users as it gives an opportunity to upgrade and enjoy the new features that come with this release. Spatial Manager™ for AutoCAD is best when it comes to;

  • Automatic Labeling
  • Import/export spatial or GIS data into/from AutoCAD
  • Publishing drawings to Google Earth
  • Displaying Background Maps
  • Transforming coordinates
  • Using Alphanumeric Data Tables
  • Layer Thematics
Spatial Manager for AutoCAD 2018 compatible – Image courtesy of Spatial Manager

Some of the improvements in the new version include;

  • CRS codes in the CRS selection dropdown
  • Optional Fields for type/subtypes when importing from OpenStreetMap
  • A new command to clean Background Maps
  •  Integration with ‘Nearmap’ maps
  • Field Selection lists sorted alphabetically at any time
  • ‘AutoCAD Architecture’ AEC objects partially supported

According to the Spatial Manager™ for AutoCAD changelog, there has been a number of fixes in the new release to aid in performance and improve its working efficiency. With the release of new software in the industry, improved tools are being rolled out to help improve our working conditions. Utilize the power of these tools to better your work.