The release of batch GPS Importer QGIS Plugin

A new plugin, Batch GPS Importer has been released. This is a GPX file import automation plugin that converts multiple GPX files into a single layer with multiple features based on the features in each GPX file. The plugin enables you to convert waypoint, track, and route in GPX files to points, polygon, or line. The plugin by default treats all vertexes in GPX file as a single feature if there is no additional feature. If a file contains more than one feature types such as waypoint and track, both will be treated as a separate feature.

batch GPS Importer
Batch GPS Importer

The GPS Tools plugin handles the import of GPS files in QGIS. The Batch GPS Importer plugin improves efficiency by processing a task that could take weeks in just minutes. If the data is collected correctly, the feature conversion does not require much cleanup. If the collected data have issues, the plugin enables you to validate the geometries of the features and identify files whose features have issues. One of the useful validation functionality of the tool is the ability to target specific interest area. This makes it simple to exclude vertex outside a geographic boundary.

You can download and use the plugin by going to QGIS Plugins menu -> Manage and Install Plugins. In the Plugins window, search for Batch GPS Importer, download and install the plugin. The plugin has its own toolbar button. In addition, you can access the menu item of the plugin by going to QGIS Vector menu.

In summary, the plugin has the following features;

  • Import GPS features as point, polygon and line
  • Ability to read from track, waypoint and route GPX feature types
  • Ability to restrict extent and extract features from the restricted extent
  • Ability to exclude features with invalid geometry
  • Ability to save gpx files with valid and invalid features
  • Ability to include or exclude default gpx layer fields
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The plugin was released on 28th March 2017, authored by Wondimagegn Tesfaye . More details can be found using the following links: